The foundation of Dive 4 Warriors are our training programs. While we believe nearly anyone can benefit from scuba diving, we also believe in safety first and fun second. That’s why we offer complete training in a variety of water situations.

Depending on the situation, we will have both confined and open dive training. We travel to warm water destinations for open water certification dives. In order to save money, the destinations are chosen based on the needs and number of participants in that class.



Disabled veteran dive training

Training is open to all veterans with disabilities. There have only been a few cases where the injuries were so severe that a diver’s physician deemed diving unsafe. Our dive instructors are trained to work with even the most severe disabling conditions.

Some participants may be able to complete a standard recreational scuba class while others may take much longer. Some may be able to swim on their own while others need to be trained to use a diver propulsion vehicle.

Whatever the disability or condition, we are committed to sharing our passion for diving with our veterans.

Rebreather training

For those that want to take their diving one step further, we offer Rebreather Training. During this course, the diver will be introduced to more technical diving — going much deeper, longer, and on recirculated oxygen through a “rebreather” that removes the carbon dioxide metabolic product. At this level, divers will achieve new heights in their learning and see things very few get to experience.

*Thanks to KISS Rebreathers and for providing Spirit LTE mCCR and Sidemounts for our Veterans!

Dive support personnel training

Another training service we provide is to train dive support personnel. These are usually volunteers with various medical backgrounds who also desire to support the D4W mission. These volunteers commit to a length of service agreement in exchange for their training. Depending on their role, support divers are trained in rescue, diving first aid, as well as how to dive with a disabled diver. We will sometimes train a spouse to be an adaptive dive buddy if they are already the primary caregiver.

Scuba diving gear

Part of our training services includes maintaining a locker of dive gear to be used by the veterans participating in the diving program. Some situations require that the gear must be modified to make a set of functioning dive gear for that individual. In that situation, the gear is given to the individual for their personal diving.

We have a growing number of dive instructors available in Arkansas and across the country.

Contact us today to learn more or sign up for dive training.