Donors, we salute you.

Because of you, veterans are able to return to civilian life with the tools and support they need to live a fulfilling, happy life, in the company of others who’ve served and suffer the same.  

Our donors are special people. Some are veterans who simply want to help their brothers and sisters, or family members of those who’ve served who have seen firsthand the injuries, both visible and invisible, their loved ones struggle with.  While others are true patriots or simply fans, who recognize the enormous contribution their countrymen and women provided while in service.  And the rest, well, they just like to scuba dive and want to spread the love and joy of diving with others in support of a good cause, and the therapeutic benefit it offers.

Whichever you are, we welcome you and your donation whatever size, in whatever form.  

We also welcome volunteers through our Ambassador Program to help us with our support groups, medical research, and group trips.  Nearly all efforts including the expert instructors and support personnel are volunteers who are focused on funneling all the funds to provide for the dive training program and making the dive trips more affordable for veterans and their families.

Whatever your level of interest, reach out to us and we will find a fit that’s right for you! 




You are changing lives more than you know.

Thank you to Jason Pomar (left) and David Mohr (right), who helped us kick off our first Facebook Fundraiser and achieve our goal! Both men have significant experience and careers in serving others.

David, the CFO at Riverside Theater, served our country in the Army and Marine Corps as E4 Corporal; and Jason, who has served our local healthcare community for a number of years including the Veterans Council of IR County, previously played in the minors for the Oakland A’s 99-01.

Thanks to them, monies will be used to towards the Wreck Trek trip in July that will provide scuba diving therapy – training and certification – for disabled veterans who suffer a wide range of conditions, such as PTSD.

A big round of applause to these two for their generous donation and kind support for our Veterans! 👏🏻

*And a BIG thanks to KISS Rebreathers for providing Spirit LTE mCCR and Sidemounts for our Veterans!

To learn more about how you can help a Veteran, contact us!